Who am I?

My names Annie, I live in the UK and I’ve suffered with my mental health from the age of 14.

I have been in and out of the mental health system for over a decade now, and lived the highs and lows of what this planet can offer. I always wanted to write a blog, but never had the confidence to bare all. When I began creating I thought I would be anonymous but in a moment of stale courage, here I am “baring all”.

In case you stumble across this I suppose a disclaimer is needed. My family and friends are not aware of this blog. All of the colleagues I meet through work believe I left my fast pace, growing career due to physical illness. None, if any, are aware of what has happened or what is happening. I suppose this is my cowards way out if it does come to light, when the time is right, I might even promote this myself.

Looking into blogging and thinking about what I want I write, I’ve decided to just… write. I’m aiming to do a post-a-day and I’ve also enabled comments. I want to be as responsive and honest as I can be and even answer any questions you have. I don’t mean to be all cliche but Lets end the stigma


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